Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall is Coming

The leaves are beginning to change here in the Boise area.  I can smell Fall in the air. 

I am looking forward to the cooler days and the real cold days ahead. I am a recent Southern California transplant. Some of you may say.... but why did you move from California where the weather is always sunny, more hot days than cold and there is so much to do all over the state?!  Well... my hubs and I always knew when we retired it was going to be to a slower paced, four seasoned location. Our home state will always be there for us to visit now and again.  We loved Idaho from recent vacations ... and in many ways reminded us of Southern California, well except there are beautiful rivers and streams and lakes everywhere here.  This is the Snake River... beautiful walking paths. Yeah.... I'll miss the Southern California beaches.... but I was never really a beach person.... but again the Pacific ocean is only a visit away. I do love road trips. Oh another thing.. there are no earthquakes!

They have the stores, malls, restaurants, and beautiful homes. Real estate is so much more affordable here... compared to California.... Wow!

Well to make a long story short we are now here in the beautiful state of Idaho. I do miss my familiar things back home, but life is an adventure.... I want to live it! 

So Fall.... and it's beautiful sunsets are on their way!!
Beautiful Idaho sunset from my front window. 


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